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Read Our FAQ

Maybe you are new to booking accompanies or for sure new to booking through our Angels display. Well here is another segment that will ideally respond to a portion of your most customary Faq’s!

Are the Angels photographs authentic?
As hard as some of you might find this to accept (as I probably am aware such countless offices utilize counterfeit pics!) yes, all photos and selfies are 100 percent genuine and veritable and we promise you, that the young lady in the photograph will be the real young lady you will meet! Most Escorts supplant their photographs one time per year (though a considerable lot of them love rethinking their look with new pics and regularly supplant them like clockwork)

For what reason is nobody getting my call when I ring the organization?
Because of an enormous number of telephone numbers, we have needed to restriction from making appointments with the organization our gathering group are as of now not ready to focus on noting WITHHELD numbers as they can’t be confirmed against our prohibited numbers list. Assuming that your kept call is addressed our assistant will request that you get back to from a certain number.

How far ahead of time would I be able to make a booking?
We as a rule prescribe as long as seven days ahead of time (as our 14-day scheduler on the home gives you the Angels accessibility for the 14 days ahead) Some of our most famous heavenly messengers truly do get reserved weeks in advance so on the off chance that you realize your timetable ahead of time it’s great 100% of the time to call and check whether your favored holy messenger has given us her high level timetable. Saying that 80% of our appointments are made upon the arrival of the booking so last moment calls are dependably welcome as well.

I have made a booking, when do I get the location?
We request that customers call us the morning of the booking (between 10 am and early afternoon) to affirm the booking. Now you can educate gathering with respect to any exceptional dress solicitations you may have and they will SMS you the heavenly messenger’s location right now.

How treat need to make a booking?
Assuming it’s an incall booking we will require your first name and a portable contact number so we can SMS you the holy messenger’s location. Assuming it’s an outcall booking we will require your first and family name alongside your lodging subtleties or then again in the event that it’s to your personal residence your landline telephone number.

Would I be able to make, affirm or drop a booking by means of email or SMS text?
No. All appointments should be made or dropped verbally via telephone with our gathering group.

Would I be able to make dress/outfit demands?
Indeed. Every one of our Angels are quick to guarantee you partake in your experience with them and will put forth a valiant effort to oblige your dress/outfit demands (minimal dark dress, stockings and heels, dream uniform or office wear and so on) so kindly let our gathering group know when you make the booking and they will be glad to pass any solicitations on.

Would I be able to take photographs or recordings during the booking?
Certain Angels permit photographs or potentially recordings to be taken during the booking as a keepsake of your time together. Any photographs or recordings are for your own private joy and should never to transferred to the web or replicated to other people. There is an extra charge of 500 for photographs or 1000 for recordings which ought to be paid to the Angel toward the beginning of the booking alongside their standard expense. Kindly tell gathering when you make the booking assuming that you wish to participate in photographs or recordings. For a full rundown of those Angels who appreciate photographs or shooting if it’s not too much trouble, see the administrations delighted in records which will show up on the landing page at whatever point you are signed into the in disguise part’s exhibition. You ought to advise our gathering group at the hour of booking in the event that you wish to participate in recording or photographs as the Angels will hope to be pre-arranged.

Would I be able to pay with Card or check?
Tragically, we don’t acknowledge charge cards or checks. You should pay the Angels in cash on appearance. In the event that you wish to pay in rupees the rates are displayed on the Angels bio pages. Most Angels are glad to acknowledge bank moves from their customary customers for augmentations of appointments (after the principal hour has been paid in real money)

Would I be able to broaden a booking whenever it has begun?
However long our Angel doesn’t have one more reserving affirmed after your booking, you are very free to broaden your booking. We must be reasonable for all prebooked customers and in this way we can’t expand appointments assuming one more affirmed booking is as of now in. On the off chance that you stretch out on a step by step premise the “extra hourly” rate will apply, but assuming you reach out to a short-term booking (inside 30 minutes of meeting your picked Angel) you can reach out at the limited “short-term rate”. To reach out at the limited “short-term rate” then, at that point, you should inform the Angel inside 30 minutes of your underlying booking beginning.

Am I expected to tip an Escort?
None of the Angels anticipates tips and “additional items” are rarely charged. Assuming you wish to bring a gift, a container of wine or aroma is an incredible other option.

Are our cancellation charges have to paid?
For incall appointments accepting you are adequately amenable enough to call our gathering group PRIOR to the beginning of your booking (giving however much notification as could reasonably be expected of your abrogation) no charges will apply. For outcall appointments, the expense for the primary hour will be applied.

Shower facilities provided?
Every one of our Angels are situated in brilliant lofts or inns where you will be very free to utilize their showers. Towels and toiletries will be accessible all the time for you. You will get quite a lot more joy from a booking assuming you show up clean (or show up and utilize a shower!) as the Angels greatest mood killer are messy, sweat-soaked or rotten customers!

Do you offer 30 minute bookings?
No. The base booking time is 60 minutes. You are obviously free to leave following 30 minutes yet you will be charged for 60 minutes.

How long is an overnight booking time?
10 hours.

I live outside of Noida, will an Angel still can come to me?
Our Angels are glad to travel anyplace in the Noida or abroad anyway travel charges and least reserving times will be relevant. For appointments to Noida air terminal (and generally “011” dialing code areas of Noida) the holy messengers require a base 2 hour booking (and a 500 travel overcharge). For appointments to other city the Angels require a base for the time being reserving (in spite of the fact that as movement flight times are remembering for appointments) we typically propose a base “expanded for the time being” of 18 hours.

Do the Angels charge extra to for couples?
Our Bi Angels really appreciate playing with different Angels so NO additional charges are made to book 2 heavenly messengers together.

On the off chance that you are a M/M couple or a M/TS couple or a male customer got together with another female escort who isn’t an Angel then the Angels rate will be multiplied. Our Angels amiably demand that they are not booked with non Angel accompanies without being instructed at the time concerning booking. We can’t book current Angels on appointments with ex Angels.

Assuming you are a GENUINE M/F couple (Not a male with an escort) then, at that point, the Angels standard rates will apply + extra each hour.

On the off chance that you are a male customer hoping to book 2 Angels we will be cheerful 100% of the time to suggest which Angels partake in playing together. (The two Angels standard incall/outcall rates will apply and no additional items will be charged) You should ALWAYS tell our gathering group at the hour of booking in the event that there is to be anything else than ONE customer (male OR female) present at the booking.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?
We like that you have occupied existences and plans frequently need to change anyway assuming you need to drop a booking if it’s not too much trouble, have the politeness to call and advise us so we can tell the Angel and ideally reschedule another person to see them. On the off chance that you neglect to go up to a booking (without having the kindness to call to drop!) you will be classed as a “no show” and you will be prohibited from booking through the office again later on.

How do I access the private Gallery and members forum?
There is a connection on the landing page where you should present your subtleties before we can actuate your record. On the off chance that your telephone number can’t be confirmed as having been utilized to book one of our customary heavenly messengers your Incognito application will be dismissed. Assuming that you have completely finished the structure and utilized a number recently used to create a booking you can anticipate that your participation should be actuated inside 12hours. We suggest picking a client name that isn’t your genuine name (except if you need your full genuine name to show up on each post you make!). For your enrollment to stay dynamic you should post something like one string on the gathering EVERY month. When you are an “in secret part” you will actually want to get sufficiently close to audits, the discussion (so you can peruse and compose presents on different customers and holy messengers), holy messengers administrations records.

I have tried to make an booking and have been told I am banned. Why?
There are a few motivations behind why we need to restrict customers from making further appointments with the Agency. These incorporate : making a booking and neglecting to turn up, going up to a booking messy and sweat-soaked and declining to have a shower, going up to a booking and quickly leaving without installment of a retraction expense, forcing an Angel to deliver her own subtleties/contact number to you, neglecting to make brief/right installment to Angels toward the beginning of a booking/beginning of an expansion to a booking, having others in your home/lodging when an Angel shows up for an outcall booking, neglecting to tell gathering at the hour of booking that different escorts will go to the booking, turning up at the home/inn of an Angel when you don’t have an arrangement to see them and being inconsiderate or oppressive to the Reception Team or potentially individual Angels.

Can you get the Escort to phone me, can I have their number or real name please?
NO, NO and NO! We regard the Angels security and you ought to as well! The explanation they are included on our site is on the grounds that they partake in the obscurity that our Agency offers to them. You would not need them calling you at your home or office and you should regard their private resides as well! Bothering Angels will bring about you being prohibited from the Agency.